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WHO Educational modules on clinical use of blood
WHO Educational modules on clinical use of blood

WHO Educational modules on clinical use of blood

WHO Educational modules on clinical use of blood


Blood Transfusion: An Essential Aspect of Patient Care Ensuring Safety and Effectiveness

Blood transfusion plays a crucial role in patient care, proving to be a life-saving and health-improving procedure when used appropriately. However, it is essential to acknowledge the potential risks associated with transfusions, such as acute or delayed complications and the possibility of transfusion-transmitted infections. Therefore, it is vital to administer blood transfusions only when medically necessary and clearly indicated.

Across the globe, many countries encounter challenges in maintaining sufficient supplies of blood products while upholding their quality and safety standards. Unfortunately, there is a scarcity of national data on the use of blood products, but available studies indicate that both developed and developing nations often witness inappropriate utilization of blood products. This includes unnecessary transfusions and suboptimal clinical practices, which not only compromise patient safety but also lead to wastage and hinder the availability of blood products for those who genuinely require them.

To ensure effective blood transfusion practices, healthcare providers must remain vigilant and adhere to evidence-based guidelines. By doing so, we can enhance patient safety, optimize resource utilization, and contribute to better patient outcomes. Let us work together to make blood transfusion a well-regulated, safe, and accessible aspect of patient care worldwide.

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