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Leadership 18 – ASCP LQMS Course
Leadership 18 – ASCP LQMS Course

Leadership 18 – ASCP LQMS Course

Leadership 18 - ASCP LQMS Course

Week 9 – Recorded session

Explore leadership in healthcare, focusing on successful relationships and forward-thinking strategies. Effective communication, servant leadership, and team building are crucial in providing quality care. Discover different leadership styles, servant leadership, and expectations in healthcare. Emphasize effective communication, imagination, and team building in leadership to enhance skills and make an impact.

Refining Leadership Definitions:

Leadership involves communication, imagination, and team building to inspire and guide individuals towards a common goal.

Understanding Servant Leadership:

Enrich team members’ lives and build better organizations through servant leadership in healthcare.

Effective Communication as a Skill:

Master verbal, non-verbal, and para-verbal communication for conveying messages and fostering understanding.

Vision and Creativity:

Effective leaders with a vision inspire teams to achieve extraordinary results by thinking creatively and outside the box.

Building Strong Teams:

Motivate teams by selecting talented individuals, setting clear goals, and appreciating their development in a positive work environment.

Applying Leadership Skills:

Integrate diverse perspectives into a cohesive strategy while managing multiple teams and their objectives.


Leadership is vital in healthcare for collaborative teamwork, common goals, and quality patient care. Enhance skills through servant leadership, effective communication, imagination, and team building. Make a positive impact and drive progress in the healthcare community.


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