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Documents and Records and Case Review 20- ASCP LQMS Course
Documents and Records and Case Review 20- ASCP LQMS Course

Documents and Records and Case Review 20- ASCP LQMS Course

Documents and Records and Case Review 20- ASCP LQMS Course

Week 10 – Recorded session

Explore managing documents and records in laboratories, ensuring confidentiality, traceability, compliance, and accessibility. Learn the significance of effective management, document hierarchy, quality manuals, SOPs, and storage methods.

Why Efficient Management Matters:

Discover the importance of managing documents and records for easy access, consistency, and accurate results in laboratories.

Understanding the Document Hierarchy:

Learn about policies, processes, procedures, and SOPs in the document hierarchy, guiding laboratory operations.

The Importance of Documents:

Understand how written documents ensure consistency, guidelines, and explicit instructions in laboratories.

The Quality Manual:

Discover the purpose and components of a quality manual, serving as the laboratory’s quality management system framework.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):

Learn how SOPs ensure consistency, accuracy, and quality in laboratory tests.

Document Management System and Storage:

Understand the significance of a document management system and proper storage methods for laboratory documents.

Comprehensive Guide to Document Control Systems:

Explore components, approval processes, and accessibility in a document control system for laboratories.

Implementation Steps:

Learn the necessary steps for implementing a document control system in laboratories.

Common Problems in Document Control:

Explore common problems laboratories face without a well-managed document control system.

Document and Record Management:

Understand the importance of effective management for confidentiality, traceability, and accessibility.


Discover the integral role of document and record management in laboratories, ensuring confidentiality, compliance, and accessibility.


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