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Blood Groups in Man  By R. R. Race and Ruth Sanger
Blood Groups in Man By R. R. Race and Ruth Sanger

Blood Groups in Man By R. R. Race and Ruth Sanger

Blood Groups in Man By R. R. Race and Ruth Sanger

From “Blood Group History FaceBook page ” :

Discover the Legacy of “Blood Groups in Man”: A Definitive Text on Blood Groups

In 1949, Rob Race, renowned head of the MRC Blood Group Unit, joined forces with Ruth Sanger, an Australian researcher, to create a comprehensive book on blood groups. Together, they developed “Blood Groups in Man,” a seminal work that became the global authority on the subject.

With Race’s expertise in Rh genetics and Sanger’s groundbreaking research on the multiplicity of blood group systems, their collaboration resulted in a text that captivated readers with its simple and lucid style. The book’s introduction was provided by renowned mathematician Ronald Fisher, further elevating its significance.

Throughout its six editions, from the initial 1950 release (with 277 pages) to the final 1975 edition (at 639 pages), “Blood Groups in Man” enjoyed great success and acclaim. Even when facing formidable challenges, the authors expressed gratitude to their publisher for their unwavering support and good humor.

Uncover the remarkable journey of “Blood Groups in Man” and its impact on the field of blood groups. Delve into the rich history and influential insights presented by Race and Sanger, as they navigated the intricacies of blood group genetics without shying away from the occasional evasive action when confronting complex mathematics.

Join us in celebrating the enduring legacy of “Blood Groups in Man,” a pioneering text that continues to shape our understanding of blood groups worldwide.

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