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Assessment – Audits and Case Review 6 – ASCP LQMS Course
Assessment – Audits and Case Review 6 – ASCP LQMS Course

Assessment – Audits and Case Review 6 – ASCP LQMS Course

Assessment – Audits and Case Review 6 - ASCP LQMS Course

Week 3 – Recorded session

Join Pathologists Overseas’ ASCP LQMS Course and delve into the world of laboratory quality management. In this video titled “Assessment – Audits and Case Review,” learn about the significance of assessments, particularly audits, in driving quality improvement. Explore real-life case reviews to gain practical insights and discover effective strategies for enhancing your laboratory’s performance.

Section 1: The Role of Audits in Quality Improvement Understand the crucial role of audits in driving quality improvement within the laboratory setting. Explore the following key topics:

1.1 Introduction to Audits: Gain an overview of audits and their significance in assessing laboratory processes and identifying areas for improvement.

1.2 Types of Audits: Explore different types of audits, including internal audits, external audits, and regulatory compliance audits, and learn how they contribute to quality assurance.

Section 2: Case Review for Quality Assessment Learn how case reviews can be instrumental in assessing laboratory quality and identifying opportunities for improvement. Discover the following:

2.1 Case Selection and Analysis: Understand the process of selecting relevant cases and analyzing them to identify potential issues and areas for improvement.

2.2 Learning from Case Reviews: Explore how case reviews offer valuable learning opportunities, leading to enhanced performance, reduced errors, and improved patient outcomes.

Section 3: Effective Strategies for Assessment Discover effective strategies for conducting assessments and driving quality improvement in your laboratory. This section covers:

3.1 Establishing Assessment Frameworks: Learn how to develop assessment frameworks tailored to your laboratory’s needs, incorporating key performance indicators and quality metrics.

3.2 Continuous Quality Improvement: Explore the concept of continuous quality improvement and its application in driving sustained enhancements in laboratory performance.


Watch “Assessment – Audits and Case Review” from Pathologists Overseas’ ASCP LQMS Course to gain insights into the crucial role of assessments in laboratory quality management. Discover the link between audits and quality improvement, learn from case reviews, and explore effective strategies for driving performance optimization. Enhance your laboratory’s quality assurance practices and achieve excellence in patient care.


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