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Applied Blood Group Serology
Applied Blood Group Serology

Applied Blood Group Serology

Applied Blood Group Serology

The Fascinating Journey of “Applied Blood Group Serology”: From Its Origins to the Definitive Reference in Immunohematology

Discover the captivating history of “Applied Blood Group Serology,” a groundbreaking book that revolutionized the understanding of blood groups. Originally authored by Peter Issitt and published in 1970 as a promotional item, it quickly became renowned for its comprehensive and insightful account of blood groups.

Over the years, subsequent editions expanded in size and scope, incorporating advancements in biochemical and molecular investigations. The third edition, released in 1985, marked a significant milestone as Issitt established his own publishing company, Montgomery Scientific Publications. However, it was the monumental fourth edition, published in 1998 with co-author David Anstee, that truly solidified the book’s reputation as the most comprehensive text in immunohematology.

“Applied Blood Group Serology” became an essential resource for blood bank laboratories, providing crucial guidance on terminology, gene mapping, and antigen systems. Its profound impact on the field and the scarcity of available copies prompted AABB to republish the fourth edition in 2019, ensuring its accessibility to a new generation of blood group serologists.

Embark on a journey through the rich history and enduring significance of “Applied Blood Group Serology,” a definitive reference that continues to shape the landscape of immunohematology.

This post is based on information from a “Blood Group History” Facebook page.
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